About Eileen Trudo

What kind of grandmother doesn’t give her grandkids toys? One who truly understands what it’s all about in life.

“I don’t buy toys,” Eileen Trudo proudly proclaims. “I make memories.” Eileen goes on to explain that whenever her grandchildrens’ birthdays or holidays roll around, rather than give them a toy, she prefers to expose them to some type of memorable experience. Maybe it’s taking them horseback riding or to an amusement park. It could be a quick vacation or just enjoying the great outdoors together. You see, what’s most important to Eileen is spending quality time with her grandchildren and building a strong relationship.

Look Back to Look Ahead

bio1Eileen’s approach was inspired by the wonderful memories she holds dear of spending time with her own grandfather. He built a log cabin and Eileen believes it was those memorable experiences at the cabin that instilled in her a love for the outdoors – and taught her the importance of building relationships. When she reflects on the time spent with her grandfather, it’s even more satisfying to know she’s built the same strong relationships with her own grandchildren.

Those who know Eileen best will tell you she’s all about building relationships in every aspect of life. After earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, she embarked on a career in social work. Her role was all about listening carefully to people and getting them to open up to her in order to find solutions to the challenges they were facing. She excelled in that position for many years, that is, until she made her first foray into real estate investment.

A New Passion

Eileen always had an interest in remodeling homes, so her attraction to the real estate industry came somewhat naturally. After investing in a few properties initially, she realized how much she enjoyed the business and decided to earn her real estate license in order to share her passion with others. She quickly achieved success and has been helping her clients make the most of their real estate opportunities ever since.

Eileen’s key to success in real estate is simple, and it goes back to her lifelong emphasis on building relationships. Quite simply, Eileen doesn’t approach a transaction as a one-time sale. Instead, she focuses on the people she’s working with, listens carefully to their goals and gears her service toward achieving their specific objectives. This relationship-based approach allows her to build rapport with her clients and guide them to the results they desire. And by the end of the transaction, she’s often built a lasting relationship that brings people back to her time and time again for all their real estate needs.

It’s About Relationships

bio2If you’re considering a move in Northeast Tarrant County or the surrounding areas, make sure you understand what matters most to the success or failure of your move. It’s all about choosing the right real estate professional, and that process is best accomplished by remembering Eileen’s motto: It's About Relationships. To make the most of your home sale or purchase, call Eileen today to schedule a private consultation to discuss your real estate goals.

Eileen Trudo is an Relator and Broker with Eileen & Associates Realty, LLC

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